Panic! Results

Here’s a belated update from last weekend’s adventure:

-The concert was awesome! My seats were in a box on a couch, so I could jump around all I wanted but didn’t get pushed by anyone!

-Fun. had a really great performance as openers!

-Panic! did great and played so many great songs! They pretty much avoided their second CD (which is Andrea’s favorite one), but I think they have a lot of unpleasant memories attached to it due to the break up.

-On the way home we stopped at the Strawberry festival in Trent, OH and tried everything from traditional strawberry shortcake to strawberry burritos. We brought back a bucket of strawberries and a bottle of strawberry barbeque sauce.

Such a great weekend it took me two days to fully recover–in time to go to King’s Island on Wednesday night!


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