Panic! at the Disco!

I’ll soon be off to see my favorite band–Panic! at the Disco! I’m so excited!

The thing I love most about their music is how it tells stories–and the stories aren’t the cliche love stories songs are usually about–they’re weird ones (especially on the first cd, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out) that really paint a picture in my head. More than one of their songs has loosely inspired a scene in my writing. I also love that their songs are weird enough that no one interpretation is necessarily the “right” interpretation–so I can recycle their songs in my head to mean different things at different times!

And they’re catchy.

And Brendon Urie’s voice is wonderful.

I’ve seen them once before when they opened for Blink 182’s comeback tour and I got to meet Brendon and Spencer and get their autographs!

This time I won’t be meeting them, but I’m pretty sure I have great seats–as long as I don’t get murdered in Detroit…

No–I love Detroit too, even if I haven’t really been there before, I feel like I’m coming home because my favorite radio station is there–89X! (I miss it so much down here in Cincinnati).

Okay, enough rambling. Time to get to work so I can play!


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