Reds v. Cardinals Weekend 5/14-5/15

This is way late–so late I barely remember the games–except for the wetness and winning.


  • It only rained a little before the start. After that the weather fluctuated from chilly and windy to sunny and hot and back again.
  • Cute old couple ahead of us taking turns keeping score in a special scoring notebook. Someday that could be me.
  • We beat those Cardinals!


  • The best seats I ever had–and they were free! Andrea’s cousin took us and his daughter, Tina. We were five rows back on the 3rd base side. We could see what kind of underwear (or lack of) the 3rd basemen and shortstops were wearing.
  • It rained the whole time, but not enough to delay the game.
  • The game went fairly quickly until Chapman came out. Then they almost came back to beat us–but…
  • We beat those Cardinals!

No more games for me until June 18. Anyone want to come with? I have an extra ticket 🙂


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