Reds v. Marlins: The Streak Continues

The streak I reference is not some streak of the Reds, though as of today they are at least maintaining .500. So far the Reds have won every game I’ve attended!

I did pretty good this time, if I do say so myself!


  • Joey Votto bobblehead night!
  • Bobbleheads are very popular, apparently, as is Joey Votto. The game was sold out.
  • Apparently, when the game is sold out, season ticket holders don’t get the privilege of coming in 30 minutes before everyone else, so batting practice was packed. I apologize to anyone I pushed past to get to the gate saying, “Excuse me, I’m a season ticket holder–I get in early.” But we all got our bobbleheads, so no worries.
  • Cheers to my new visor, bought with babysitting money!
  • Tracy on 700 WLW is right. Women at baseball games are annoying. (Not me, of course.) The women behind us never shut up. They were loud and wouldn’t let their boyfriends watch the game. Then they made their boyfriends leave early. (Sucks for them, but good for me)
  • Our neighbors on both sides also hold season tickets, and they have now learned not to walk in front of us!
  • Best of all we win–another exciting walk-off win in the 9th!

There were probably more highlights, but I waited too long to write this, and my memory is too short–especially this week.

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