Game 4/16/11: Reds vs. Pirates

A lot of baseball-related posts lately. Probably because I’ve concentrated more on baseball and other things than working on my book. The rough draft is finished, and I’ve decided I need to let it sit for a while…

Had so much fun writing notes that I missed a walk in the 7th


  • Autographs! Bill Bray with his awesome socks, Matt Maloney, and Sam LeCure
  • Leake is pitching
  • Seat neighbors: 2 fellow season ticket holders, also fellow Ohio Northern University grads; some little kid behind us who’s eating a bag of peanuts the whole game (my roommate is allergic, and we forgot her eppipen); a really annoying guy down the row who makes umpire calls the whole game.
  • Freezing cold–this is becoming a pattern…
  • Great ballpark food
  • Best inning (sunwise): 3rd–two thirds sunny (downhill from there)
  • Best inning (gamewise): 5th–7 runs, 1 grand slam, 2 homeruns, bat through the order
  • Every starting Red gets a run
  • A little rain, but no rain delay
  • We win! I am 3 for 3 this season (Reds are 9-5)

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