Living in Panem

All of last week I felt like I was still on vacation in Jamaica–all relaxed and with that “no problem, mon” attitude. This week I feel like I’ve been living in Panem. I stayed up really late a couple nights in a row until I finished Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. It was absolutely wonderful and completely absorbing, and ever since, I have been replaying the book in my head, reliving it, rethinking parts of it, and pretty much eager to read them both (The Hunger Games was part 1) all over again.

And I totally would, except I have two new books to get to, both of which don’t come close to the excellence of the ones I’ve been reading, at least so far–but, again, my head is still in Panem.

It has been way too long since I’ve been absorbed into a book’s world like this, and I love it. I feel like I know the characters personally–that the world of the book is almost more real than my own. Sometimes when I’m really into writing my own books I feel that way about them too, but when I’m reading someone else’s book it’s a different sort of experience because I’m pulled into a brand new place–not out of my head but someone else’s.

On a tangent: I am deeply disturbed about the idea of a Hunger Games movie. I hate the way great books are turned into commercial money-makers. Not every good book needs to be a movie–constantly seeing a movie’s commercials and merchandise takes the beautiful world of the book out of my head and alters it irrevocably. This happens even if the movie is good–like how I enjoyed the Lord of the Rings movies at the time but now am completely sick of the saga and probably won’t ever go back and re-read the books, though before the movies came out I would re-read them every couple of years. I don’t want them to do that to The Hunger Games–I just discovered the trilogy and they are already talking about ruining it. Please don’t do it! The Giver was never made into a movie that I ever heard of and the world didn’t end.

Anyway, enough of my pathetic whining. If you haven’t read The Hunger Games yet, go out and do it before the movie ruins it for you.


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