(Super) Advance Sneak Preview

So, this morning at 3 a.m., after I groggily remembered with glee that today was Saturday, the start of my long weekend, and I could sleep in and would have the day to do whatever I wanted—I had the shock that I had not prepared my blog post for today (Yes—I actually prepare these in advance). I hadn’t even thought of this blog once until 3 a.m.

I knew yesterday there was something else I was supposed to work on between washing stacks of kids’ lunch dishes besides reading the baseball preview in Sports Illustrated (they predicted the Reds would be 3rd—that they would do better than 3 other teams in NL central!).

You see, on Tuesday I started actually writing my new book, and so that has monopolized my free time—it’s all I can think about when it comes to writing right now. So at least until the newness of my book wears off, and I start looking for anything to write other than it (I am so optimistic at 3 in the morning!), my posts may not be as substantial or regular as they’ve been.

I never do this—I never let anyone read a draft until I’ve finished and heavily edited it, but since no one reads this anyway—sorry, since so few read this (I certainly don’t want to insult the 4 viewers I do get)—I’m going to be generous. (Wow, I use a lot of parenthesis and super-long sentences at 3 a.m.) I am going to let you read the first paragraph of my new book. (Keep in mind that the finished version will most likely be completely rewritten.)

Here you go:

The man in the leather jacket with his hand at his waist was a cop, and he was here for me. I dropped my spoonful of greasy Chinese mid-bite. He was still on the other side of the food court, and he hadn’t seen me yet. I thought of running for the bathroom or just plain straight out of this crowded mall and down the highway, going as fast as possible until my body gave out, but that would be stupid. Maybe I was wrong and he wasn’t really after me.


2 thoughts on “(Super) Advance Sneak Preview

  1. Ooh, I’m curious now. This one paragraph made me want to know more about the character–what did (s)he do to have to worry about a cop? It also made me crave greasy Chinese mall food…

    Even if the paragraph does get redone, great work on the first draft!

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