The Block Castle

CODY IPSUM is five years old and is in my manuscript THE HOLLYWOOD EFFECT. He starred in a movie with his big sister, VALERIE IPSUM. Cody and Valerie both had a lot of fun doing it, though Valerie doesn’t care for the attention her role has brought her, and she wants to live a normal life. Valerie helps Cody make his posts.

“What is green and jumps a lot?”
A frog with hiccups

I made that joke. Valerie helped—she did the hiccups part. I like telling jokes because they’re funny. Everyone laughs different, and I like to see them laugh.

At my school we laugh a lot. My friends Jase and Catalina made a big castle with me. We used all the blocks to make it. The trick to keep a castle from falling down is to put all the big blocks on the bottom. Sometimes you can put a little piece down there, but when it starts to wobble watch out!

Don’t build a castle when Nick is around—he’ll knock it down. And don’t make one after Miss Delmany tells you it’s almost quiet time because she’ll make you put it away even if it’s not done. But yesterday me and Jase and Catalina made the biggest one ever. I let Catalina put the last piece on top because she’s nice and Daddy told me to be nice to girls.

Miss Delmany took a picture and everything. She let me look at the picture on the camera. Jase had his eyes shut, but me and Catalina were smiling. Miss Delmany said she’d give a copy to my mommy to keep. Mommy can put it in her big scraps book. She said it’s all about me, but I’m not allowed to see it until it’s all done. She showed me some pictures in it, though. There’s one from when I was born. I didn’t have any hair in it, but I was smiling. Valerie says I always smiled when I was a baby. I guess that’s why I like to see other people smile now.


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