New Year’s Resolution

DUSTIN RAMBLE hails from my manuscript THE PARTIAL GARDEN. He tells the truth as he sees it, often bluntly, though in his book he’ll find himself in a world where the truth is completely relative and reality changes by the second.

Now’s the time for making our New Year’s resolutions. Usually I don’t see the point because they’ll most likely be broken before the week is out. I see change as a process—nothing that’s going to happen overnight—even in those seconds as the big ball drops. All the same, 2010 could be the year for making a fresh start. So, despite my skepticism, I’m hoping for something better like everyone else, and I made my New Year’s resolution—actually I made a list of them in hopes that at least one will stick. Here goes:

  1. Can you resolve to grow a few inches taller? I wish. I’ll just resolve to not gain any inches of fat.
  2. To take a trip with Habitat for Humanity, preferably far, far away. (Okay, this one’s a gimmie—I do this every year.)
  3. More involvement in church—hopefully in an area where I won’t be forced to deal with my friend Cal’s wife.
  4. Find a way to keep work from being so mind-numbingly boring. (My boss won’t be reading this, right?) I don’t have much hope for this one. Work isn’t supposed to be fun—that’s why it’s called work.
  5. Do a better job getting along with my younger brother even though he’s selfish, irresponsible, and generally acts like a moron. Actually, I think I should resolve to see him as little as possible.
  6. Finally, relationships—I suppose at 30 I should resolve to find a girl to settle down with, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Just look at my track record.

Well, some of them are doable, but that’s just because I didn’t set the bar very high. I guess I know my own limitations too well. Anyway, I hope everyone out there has a happy New Year and that you are able to keep your resolutions—be the exception! I guess I should get back to work now. Those reports won’t write themselves.

One thought on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. Tiffany says:

    So why is Dustin avoiding Cal’s wife? See, I’m already sucked in!

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