What Is Character Splash?

On this, my first blog post, I thought I’d introduce myself, along with explain what I’ll be putting up in the weeks to come—my plans for this blog.

My name is Emily Marchman. I’m 27 years old, and my paying job is teaching and assisting wherever necessary at a very nice preschool in Cincinnati, Ohio. Though I have a lot of fun there, my true love is writing—adult novels—no children’s books at this point except for gifts for friends with babies, though I certainly won’t rule that out as I write where inspiration leads.

Those who knew me in high school probably remember me as creative and weird, making up a few too many stories about aliens. So far, though, none of my 5 finished novel manuscripts are about aliens (the 6th in my head also features no aliens). They range from mainstream to fantasy, and I think the only bond between them is that they’re quirky.

As for my publishing credits…I have none, yet. I’ve been a bit timid in my submissions up to this point, unsure of my work and whether anyone else would see these stories that I love so much as something anyone else would want to read.

With my latest work and the praise it’s received already, along with another of my books (the fantasy) becoming a finalist in a publisher’s manuscript competition, my attitude has changed. I’m charged up and ready to rush ahead at full speed.

This blog is meant to support my work and my endeavors (and hopefully find readers who enjoy what I offer). It is going to be a little out of the ordinary—as most things I do are. Actually, the idea of writing about myself and spouting off my opinions doesn’t appeal to me at all, and in fact bores me a little. I don’t mind reading nonfiction or editing it, but I can’t stand writing it—even creative nonfiction. So I’m taking a risk. Most of my posts will be from “guest bloggers” who are actually my own characters.

Hopefully this will be a way to endear my characters to readers and provide extra insight into their lives and stories. It will also be a helpful writing exercise for me—so even if no one reads this I’ll get some use out of it. Don’t worry—there won’t be any plot spoilers!

Most of all, I hope to entertain you and make this a pleasant place to waste a little time.


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